Valvrave the Liberator Complete Season 2 Set [Blu-ray]

Valvrave the Liberator Complete Season 2 Set [Blu-ray]

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Views: 3489 Series (Click for more): Valvrave the Liberator
Product Code: ANI-VRLCS2BR
Age Rating: 16+
Episodes: 13-24 (300 Minutes)
Media: Blu-ray
Publisher: Aniplex
Release Date: 1/20/2015
Spoken Language: Japanese, English Subtitles
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Valvrave the Liberator Complete Season 2 Set [Blu-ray]

Haruto Tokishima - by now every citizen of JIOR knew the name of this hero who confronted the Dorssian army's unjustified invasion and courageously defended his fellow students of Sakimori Academy. But after seeing the sheer power of the Valvrave, both Dorssia and ARUS were ready to take this mysterious humanoid weapon for their own at any cost! With pressure coming from both of these powerful nations, the students of Module 77 decide that it would be best to head for the moon, which is a neutral territory, and declare their independence as New JIOR.

Meanwhile, Haruto, who was initially hesitant of confrontational situations, realizes that in order to survive, he and the other Valvrave pilots must fight to protect their school, country, and everything they held so dear. Why were the Valvraves created? What is hidden behind the "Magius?" Will Haruto and L-elf be able to reveal the truth of the world?!

*Contains episodes 13-24 plus collectible postcards and a deluxe poster illustrated by character designer Katsura Hoshino!

Special Features: Battle Scene Collections, Textless Opening and Endings.

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