The Asterisk War Vol. 2 Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

New The Asterisk War Vol. 2 Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

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Views: 2478 Series (Click for more): The Asterisk War
Product Code: ANI-TAWV2LEBR
Age Rating: 13+
Edition: Limited Edition
Episodes: 7-12 (150 Minutes)
Media: Blu-ray
Publisher: Aniplex
Release Date: 11/22/2016
Spoken Language: English, Japanese, English Subtitles, Spanish Subt
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The Asterisk War Vol. 2 Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

The Asterisk War Volume 2 Limited Edition contains episodes 7-12 plus Soundtrack CD "The Asterisk War Expanded Universe #2" by composer Rasmus Faber, a deluxe booklet, illustration post cards, and package illustrated by Tetsuya Kawakami (character design).

The Phoenix Festa has finally started! Ayato and Julis will face the strongest fighters from the other five schools. Of their opponents, Irene Urzaiz from Rewolf Black Academy and the autonomous puppets, AR-D and RM-C, from Arlequint Academy are expected to be the most formidable. After Ayato saves Irene's sister Priscilla from some Rewolf delinquents, he finds that their first battle will be against these sisters! Can Ayato and Julis defeat Irene who wields the Gravi-Sheath, a powerful Ser=Versta!?

Special Features: Bonus Previews, Web Previews.

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