Samurai Girls - 1/8 Gisen Yagyu PVC Figure

Samurai Girls - 1/8 Gisen Yagyu PVC Figure

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Views: 14807 Series (Click for more): Samurai Girls
Product Code: ALT-SGGSF
Manufacturer: Alter
Scale: 1/8 (250mm)
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Samurai Girls - 1/8 Gisen Yagyu PVC Figure

The Hyakka Ryouran wars in Hobby Japan Magazine is in full swing. The leader of the inner Yagyu clan is here to join the fray. She is the combination of grace and devastating damages. Her slightness only makes her saber seem even heavier. The weapon is not only there to deal damages, it is also a work of art.

Designed by Ni0, Gisen is full of accessories. The golden lines on her armoured glove and her eye patch are painted loyally according to her character sketches. And if you want to experience the full power of her odd eyed gaze, remove the eye patch to reveal the ruby red eye.

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