Fate/stay Night - 1/6 Karen Ortensia PVC Figure [Rare]

Fate/stay Night - 1/6 Karen Ortensia PVC Figure [Rare]

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Fate/stay Night - 1/6 Karen Ortensia PVC Figure [Rare]

Series: Fate/hollow ataraxia
Scale: 1/6
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Probably the best looking Karen Ortensia figure ever released and long discontinued! Get her now, only 1 left!

Though she appears in very few scenes in the game, Caren Ortenzia could be considered the main heroine based on the important role she plays in the plot development. She stands tall, hair blowing in the wind and face calm, golden eyes seemingly focused on the viewer in this rendition, which truly captures the mysterious air surrounding the character. She is the third 1/6th scale Fate/hollow ataraxia figure from GSC, and truly a fine addition to any collection.

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