Tosh Menkui - 1/7 Ichijo Manami PVC Figure (18+)

Tosh Menkui - 1/7 Ichijo Manami PVC Figure (18+)

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Views: 18534 Series (Click for more): Tosh Menkui
Product Code: ORC-TMIMPF18
Age Rating: 18+
Manufacturer: Orchid Seed
Scale: 1/7 (13.5cm)
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Tosh Menkui - 1/7 Ichijo Manami PVC Figure (18+)

COMIC快楽天 第22回新人賞受賞作家・tosh先生初となる単行本『めんくい!』より、表紙イラストをモチーフとして立体化。

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