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Adult Anime Figures (18+)

Adult Anime Figures (18+)

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ダークな世界観で活躍するイラストレーター貞影氏の描き下ろしイラストに、別名で創作原型も手掛けるMELTING NEURON氏が原型を製作、彩色は繊細な情感を映し出す鶴の館のまいもっち氏が担当して立体化..
Closed GAME is the second of Empress’ newest visual novel titles produced in high definition. ..
(More Actual Pictures...)商品情報人気漫画家 織田non氏×DRAGON Toy×原型師D蔵氏で展開する 完全オリジナルフィギュアが初登..
*Translation*"Ensuring completion !!" - than "Comic Aun" cover illustrations..
ダイキ工業オリジナル「花の妖精さん マリア・ベルナール」をグラビアンスキー氏の原型協力のもと、繊麗な筆使いの八音氏が彩色を担当し製品化!遠い記憶の中で、出会ったかもしれない聖純な花をまとった澄..
*Translation*From the popular illustrator Tony Mr. original illustration series · T2 Art&..
Queen's Blade Rebellion is a series of visual combat books published by Hobby Japan. The sequel ..
Includes both gorgeous 1/6 scale figures from Skytube in 1 set!*Translation*Charismatic pain..
The one to take her outstretched hand is none other than YOU♪ A figure of manga artist Homunculus&r..
From Furusaki Kurehito's "ComicAun" the long awaited Tougetsu Matsuri in a white china..
Has that little tease Alice invited you for tea… ? Or perhaps… ♪ Nilitsu’s ethe..
*Rough translation of description from Japanese.Familiar "Comic Unreal" series third i..
(More Actual Pictures...)*We do not accept order cancellations for this product. ..
Vampire Marie’s indecent proposal -character by manga artist Mochi in her first ever figure, s..
(More Actual Pictures...)*We do not accept order cancellations or returns for this prod..